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One of America’s most distinguished artists and

teachers of the elder generation,

was born at the Oneida Community, Kenwood, New York, on March I 1, 1876.

This strange “perfectionist” community was forced to disband in 1880,

and young Miller was educated at the

Horace Mann School in New York.

His interest in art was generously fostered,

and after graduate study with

Kenyon Cox and William M. Chase,

he spent some time in the great European galleries.

Ryder and Renoir –

He came back with a reverence for tradition that he has stanchly clung to.

He has worked through several influences,

notably those of the poles-apart Ryder and Renoir.

Miller is possibly even more noted as a

teacher than artist, and for over a

quarter of a century has been conducting

classes at the Art Students’ League.

is an example of Miller’s latest period.

He is now fascinated by the

rich variety of Fourteenth Street life,

and most of his subjects are drawn from that locality.

The types are treated with a frank,

almost crude realism that could scarcely be

deduced from Miller’s early works.

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