DORIS LEE,Vintage Americana,Vintage Prints for Sale Winter in the Catskills by DORIS LEE

Winter in the Catskills by DORIS LEE




OUT OF ILLINOIS, began to attract wide public notice when she
won the Logan Medal of the Art Imtitute of Chicago in 1935.

Success aftersuccess has rewarded her sometimes controversial work,

which finally won her the commission for murals in the new

Post Office in Washington, D. C.


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 NuMondayVintage Crafting – MuzG

suggest that

Miss Lee may love the spare and naive
landscapes of early American painters.

For there is present in it in large
quantity the delicate and precise pictorial charm of many so-called primitives.
Except for the modern bridge in the foreground,

it could easily be a fine print of some

New York or New England

painting of the early nineteenth century.
It has the idiosyncrasy of vision and forth rightness of conception that make
the works of those bygone, untutored masters so appealing to the modern eye.

That a very contemporary young woman should be able to achieve this pic­
torial immediacy without any sense of imitation or condescension is a proof
of important talent.

Few lithographs so successfully combine interest of small
detail with unrolling space.

The wintry sky, gaunt trees, sharply defined
bridge, white snow, and busy skaters are unified into the single impression
that is the aim of every artist’s technique of integration.

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