ERNEST FIENE,Vintage Americana,Vintage Prints for Sale Winter Evening by ERNEST FIENE

Winter Evening by ERNEST FIENE

Winter Evening BY ERNEST FIENE


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ALTHOUGH BORN in the Rhineland in 1894, has spent most of his years in the United States.

He received his art instruction at the National Academy of Design and the Art Students’ League.

He works in oil, water color, gouache, lithography, and etching, and is an expert technician in each.

Not only does he know technics, but he can also communicate them to others, for he is an excellent teacher. In 1932 he received a Guggenheim fellowship.

The lithograph was made from drawings the artist made from his window

when he was snowed in for four days during the blizzard of 1934.

When the storm was over, thedeer came out from the woods in search of food. So it is in every way an actual scene.

The locale is near South bury, which lies in southwestern Connecticut, between Danbury and Waterbury.

The snowed-under, steepled church. hints at the geography.

The scene has great decorative charm, mirroring Fiene’s interest in design and formal values.

Yet, this snowscape is by no means cold: it has a sincerity and truthfulness that lift it above purely pattern interest.

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