Water Front by CHARLES LOCKE



was born in Cincinnati in 1899. After studying at the Art Academy there,

he became assistant in lithography to Joseph Pennell at the Art Students’ League,

later becoming Pennell’s successor there. He now lives in Brooklyn,

New York, not far from the vantage point from which

the general outlines of are seen.


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Just so, walking down to the

east bank of the East River, can he look across the stream toward the

towers of downtown Manhattan.

There is something not very common in contemporary art,

a certain monumental quality reminiscent of other times-a quality

that Joseph Pennell often achieved-in .


Its smoky vagueness, the very tangible softness of its lithographic technique,

the centering of interest on building, barge,

and sky-all contribute to the undefinable,

if unmistakable “past recaptured” quality of the print.

Perhaps it would be better to say that


Mr. Locke has seen a Brooklyn scene sub specie aetcrnitatis.

For he has not falsified or sentimentalized the material chosen

he has merely looked at it from a point of view that has become rare.

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