MAHONRI YOUNG,Vintage Americana,Vintage Prints for Sale Walpi in Sunlight by MAHONRI YOUNG

Walpi in Sunlight by MAHONRI YOUNG

Walpi in Sunlight BY MAHONRI YOUNG



has bad an exciting and varied career. Born in Salt Lake
City, Utah, on August , 1877, he is a grandson of Brigham Young, the
Mormon leader. He lived out west until he was twenty, modelling in day and adobe.


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He then came East to study painting at the Art Students’ League, later
going to Paris to study at the Academic Julian. In 1912, he first began his
now famous studies of the picturesque Navajo Indians, whom he delineated
in bronze ,bas-reliefs, etchings, and pastels.

When he returned to New York, drawn by
the varied 1ubject matter of the town, particularly by his interest in the

labor­ing classes. This was expressed in bronzes of workingmen and by vigorous
etchings of New York construction.

Art Students League

He has taught at both the Art Students’
League and the American School of Sculpture, and is still an instructor at the
former institution. Young makes his home in New York. He has a summer
place at Ridgefield, Connecticut, and is married to a daughter of the late
J. Alden Veir, a distinguished painter.

was done over a long period of time-it was  actually ten
years in the making. It represents a Navajo locality in northern Arisona.
Young’s profound understanding ofIandscape values is expressed through a
conventional but perfectly mastered technique.

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