GRANT WOOD,Vintage Americana,Vintage Prints for Sale Tree- Planting Group by GRANT WOOD

Tree- Planting Group by GRANT WOOD


IN 1872, the state of Nebraska left aside one day a year for the planting of trees,
and since then most of the states of the Union have followed suit. Thus, Arbor
Day came into existence. Probably its very existence is unknown to many
dwellen in large cities, but out in the Middle West where agriculture is king,
Arbor Day is an occasion of importance, marked by ceremonies of various
sorts, especially in the farm belt.

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has caught the solemnity of this modern Ceralia in his Tree­
Planting Group. The importance of forestation is inculcated in the schools of
the Middle Weit through thousands of annual rites such as we see in this
lithograph. The composition has humor, a rich appreciation of local types,
and yet a sincere reverence and real understanding of the seriousness of the
occasion. The schoolteacher, flanked by two small girls, advances with the
sapling. Two of the older boys are busy preparing its bed, one of them wielding
the spade. The careful haircun of these solemn “young chaps constitute a
characteristic touch of observation.

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