Threshing by ADOLF DEHN


THE ROUGH TECHNIQUE of Dehn’s satiric studies is in

sharp contrast to the loving care the artist lavishes on his landscapes.

There is a fascinating psychological problem here.

Dehn has great love for the country in which he was reared,

and still takes long vacations in Minnesota.

He feels tender toward landscape, not toward the people

who inhabit the cruel areas of his social sketches.

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conveys the almost voluptuous plenty of that Minnesota farmland.

Everything, except the peaceful enclosure in the foreground, seems deluged by the golden grain,

which billows up with the exuberance of a snowdrift.

In this fabulous agricultural Golconda Dehn was born forty-four years ago

, and thence he came to New York with a scholarship at the Art Students’ League,

where he studied with Boardman Robinson. He spent eight years in Europe,

looking at pictures, acquiring the feel of great civilizations, and earning a

livelihood by selling drawings to magazines.

Already a great caricaturist, he had done his best work in drawing, mainly line.

In 1927 he found his own expressive idiom in lithography, and has since become one of the world’s most distinguished lithographers.

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