PEGGY BACON,Vintage Americana,Vintage Prints for Sale The Social Graces BY PEGGY BACON

The Social Graces BY PEGGY BACON

The Social Graces BY PEGGY BACON


IN HER FORTY-FOUR YEARS, has led an extraordinarily full life.

She is an etcher, drawer, illustrator, lithographer, teacher,

and-not least of all-a writer. She is even a thwarted mural painter, and will probably remain so.

Far from trying to hide this appalling fact, she is inclined to brag about it.

Besides this, she is married to Alexander Brook, the painter, and has two children.

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She collects the work of other artists, notably Marsh and

 her .She does her share of traveling, goes to her share of parties.

Social Graces is, like most of ’s work, assembled from aces.

Possibly no single room contains quite so fixtures, quite so many ridiculous people, as this

that are as crowded in just the same way.


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