Hounds,Vintage Dog Prints,Vintage Dogs,Vintage Prints for Sale The Pointer –  From paintings by Louis Agassiz Fuertes

The Pointer –  From paintings by Louis Agassiz Fuertes


In the very front ranks stand and the setters”English, Irish, and Gordon”and which is the best is largely a matter of individual taste.


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 From paintings by

So far we have spoken of which when used for hunting purposes are usually

supposed to catch and kill the game which they follow. We now come to a class of

hunting which arc not expected to kill the game, but to help their masters to

kill it, or to retrieve it after it has been killed.

The chief duty of each is to scent out the game

(usually such birds as partridge, grouse, and quail), and, when near enough,

point out to the gunner (he spot where it lies concealed.

As the hunter approaches, the birds rise and are, shot on the wing.

Very often the are trained to pick up and bring in the game after it is shot.

The Nature of

, as the illustration shows, is smooth coated, and his name suggests his business. ,
This most popular of upland hunting- has undergone many changes in

standard as to size, conformation, and color. But certainly no

“strain” has been more successful, nor stamped its virtues more

generally upon following generations of pointers, than the famous

“graphic” pointers of 20 years ago, and it is one of the best of

these that was used as a model.

The should be a lean, hard-limbed, and

well-muscled dog of about 60 pounds weight, though 10 pounds either way

would meet the preferences of different fanciers.

He Must be keen of eye and nose, obedient, teachable, and staunch.

Many otherwise fine pointers lack the courage of their convictions,

and it is easy to spoil a good dog either by too gentle or too rough handling.

Colors are legion; white should predominate.

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