The OtterHound


From paintings by Louis Agassiz Fuertes

It is said that every sizable stream in has its otter. ‘ To hunt this elusive and wily animal, a very distinct type of dog has been evolved. The requirements of the hunt demand the keenest of noses, the staunchest of “wills to hunt,” the utmost courage, and the ability to stand the roughest of wet and dry coursing.

These qualities have been assembled in , which may be described as a bloodhound clad in the roughest of deerhound coats. In general he is all , with long, sweeping ears, deep jaw, and deep-set eye showing the haw.


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He is broader in the brow than the bloodhound and not quite so large, but he has the same fine carriage, on straight, strong, and heavily boned legs; large, sound, and partly webbed feet. The hair over the eyes is long and ragged, and there is a strong tendency toward beard and moustache.

He is a great favorite in , but is rarely seen in America. In color he may be “ colors,” or “,” , brown, tawny, or black. The working dogs are so hardened by that they are not particularly suitable as house dogs; when reared to it, however, their fine qualities render them exceptional companions even for children.

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