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The Maltese Terrier and Pomeranian



 From paintings by Louis Agassiz Fuertes

, which should be pure white, is said to be of very ancient lineage and
to have been a favorite of the ladies of olden Rome.

He is covered with long, straight, silky hair from head to toes,

and he has dark, snappy eyes, which in some individuals give an

appearance of great alertness and intelligence.

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Some dogs of this breed are very bright, active, and interesting.

Others are so delicate that they are kept in glass cases for fear of draughts—

little more than slightly animated pen-wipers.

The head is like that of a droop-eared Skye, being, however,

rather shorter and deeper in muzzle. Like the Skye and Yorkshire,

this breed is completely lost in his coat and has to be felt of to be judged.

He must not exceed to pounds in weight.


Toy dogs have been developed from larger breeds by’ selective breeding.

They all serve one main purpose, and it is a good one—they bring joy’

and companionship to the thousands of people who own them.

Therefore do harm to none, unless it be to those very’ few foolish people

who lose all sense of values and make themselves the slaves of their canine pets.

As companions, even little dogs are far preferable to cats.

They’ll  love with an unselfish-love, which cats do not, and they’re guiltless

of the slaughter of the millions of useful birds ‘ which are destroyed by cats

in the United States alone every year.

Our Duty to Pets

If we keep pets, it is our duty’ to keep those which are not perennially’

destructive to useful things.

One of the most popular toy dogs in this country’ and in

England is the , which from his general appearance,

including the bushy’ tail curled over the hind quarters, would appear to be descended,

long ago, no doubt, from the Samoyed dog of the north .

Their more recent forefather is the spitz , and today the chief difference

between a spitz and a is in size.



As a result of careful breeding, many “Poms” are less than five pounds in weight,

and in addition to black and white we now see several beautiful colors,

including blue, brown, sable, red. orange, and fawn.

Becuase the best, or at least most desired, class scale under eight pounds.

They are deep-furred, kitten – footed, round-headed, pointed – nosed,

prick-eared, mincing little toy dogs, and they come in all colors,

but the parti-colored ones are not so desirable and are seldom seen.


The coat consists of a deep, soft, fluffy underfur, through which

protrudes a plentiful overfur of long, straight, glossy hair covering

 the whole body, being especially full and abundant on the throat,

chest, neck, rump, and hindquarters.

The tail is a flowing over the back.

The legs are straight and delicate, and the dog in action is exceedingly light and “steppy.”

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