, one of the best satirists of the American scene, was born in Paris in 1898.

Both his parents were artists, and a conventional career at Lawrenceville and Yale

did nothing to quench his own interest in the arts.

At first a drummer, and then a maker of verse,

he finally approached his metier through the art editorship of The Yale Record.


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After graduation, he tried cartoons, caricatures, and stage sets.

An uneasy feeling that technically he still had much to learn sent him first to the

Art Students’ League, and then abroad to study the great traditionalists under Mahonri Young.

Since then he has been an untiring chronicler of New York life in all its manifold aspects.

In 1930 he held his first one-man show, and since then has shown often.

He is well represented in public and private collections, and has done

two frescoes for the new Post Office Building in Washington, D. C.

penetrates the mildew the average New York never sees-cthis is part

of Upton Sinclair wrote about near the beginning of the century

( though that was, of course, Chicago). Here is a sad congress of downand-outers,

men precariously clinging to life, not even on the fringes of an acceptable existence.

The etching is crowded, but the details are fine and shrewdly observed.

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