REGINALD MARSH,Vintage Americana,Vintage Prints for Sale Tattoo-Hair cut-Shave by REGINALD MARSH

Tattoo-Hair cut-Shave by REGINALD MARSH


’S consuming passion is the drama of Manhattan, and he

has set it down in so of its multifarious aspects that he can truly be

called the Boswell of its side. His preoccupation with the shady side of

New York life is, of course, linked up with the fact that the denizens of Coney Island, the Bowery, the docks, and Fourteenth Street are more picturesque than those of Park Avenue, the east Seventies, and Gramercy Park. While he completely lacks the reforming urge, Marsh produces work instinct with satire and quick wit.


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The locale of Tattoo-Haircut-Shave is the

sample. Marsh has made an etching of tremendous and pace. As is

usual in Marsh’s scenes of Manhattan low life, he has down every-

without troubling himself to select. This does not always work,

It is this sort of scene that will be of incalculable benefit to the historian of a

thousand years hence, for it condenses a hundred pages of text into a quick view.

The dwarf in the foreground is as evil as any that ever stepped from the pages of Goya,

and the other figures can be classed as dangerous characters.

The signs are characteristic of the district:

A Clean Towel to Every Customer is worth the price of admission alone.

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