, one of America’s most powerful illustrators and cartoonists, was born in New York City, on December 3, 1897. “Poor parents,” he writes,

so began to work the minute I was born, and have been at it ever since.

Resolved, will never become a millionaire even if I live to be 398 years of age.

Gropper studied with Bellows and Robert Henri, and received many prizes.


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In 1937 he received a Guggenheim fellowship. Much of his work has appeared in

Vanity Fair, New Masses, and Art Front. Speaking of his political cartoons, Gropper has said,

I drew them for Red publications because no other newspaper has enough courage to allow an artist his freedom of

is a hard-hitting slam at one of the most noxious institutions in industrial life.

It tells its story as directly as a Daurnier, and far more eloquently than a Dos Passos tract.

There is merit in Gropper’s statement that I draw pictures of this world of ours,

and they’re not all pretty pictures.

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