Terriers,Vintage Dog Prints,Vintage Dogs,Vintage Prints for Sale Smooth coated,Irish,wire haired and Welsh Terriers

Smooth coated,Irish,wire haired and Welsh Terriers


From paintings by Louis Agassiz Fuertes



Among the best known of all dogs is that buoyant, irrepressible, and

violently affectionate creature known as a fox terrier.

Somehow he is always associated in many minds with sunshine and dancing,

and when properly cared for and kindly treated he is a joyous thing.

Like other dogs, when ill treated or badly cared for, he can degenerate into anything.

Often, from overfeeding and insufficient exercise, he becomes fat, and a fat,

wheezy dog, except an aged and decrepit one, is a disgusting object to any real dog lover.

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Two varieties of fox terrier

There are two varieties of fox terrier” smooth-coated and

wire-haired”and which is the better is a matter of taste.

It is true the smooth-coated dog has always been the more popular,

but apparently for the sole reason that his coat is smooth;

in other respects the dogs are almost identical.

When properly reared and trained they arc as courageous as they are

cheerful, which leaves little to be said for their courage.

The smooth fox terrier is a sprightly, clean-cut little dog of from

12 to 20 pounds weight, with a short compact body and straight,

strong legs that never tire or even show signs of fatigue.

His keen, rather pointed nose should taper smoothly to the head,

with just a little “stop,” and a slight break in the line of the nose and forehead.

The alert expression is due partly to the bright, rather deep-set eyes and

partly to the pointed, semi-erect ears, which turn inquisitively forward.

The jaws, while fine and fox-like, are deep enough to be of good service, and as a

vermin dog the fox terrier has no superiors in courage and willingness to face the music.

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