GIORGIONE,Vintage Art Masterpieces Sleeping Venus GIORGIONE {Venetian School}

Sleeping Venus GIORGIONE {Venetian School}

Sleeping Venus GIORGIONE {Venetian School}









S LE E PING VENUS {Venetian School}

’S life is veiled in uncertainties and romantic enterprises which,
though consistent with the tone of his art, have not been substantiated by his­

It is within the bounds of probability that his name was Giorgio
Barbarelli, the illegitimate son of a highborn Venetian and a peasant girl; that
he was as famous in the arts of love and music as in painting; and that he died
of the plague communicated to him by his mistress.


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Whatever he may have been in reality, his work personifies the springtime and early summer of the
Venetian ideal of physical perfection.

He was the founder and perhaps the greatest exponent of the art of painting as

designed to insinuate itself, with the most exquisite refinements of the attributes of the human form, into the
world of the senses.

His pictures tell no story and avoid the implications of
action and movement: they are the embodiment in form and color of lyrical

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