Siesta by WANDA GAG


pronounces her name Gaag, to rime with jog.

She was born in New Ulm, Minnesota, forty-six years ago, the child of Austro-Bohemian parents.

After studying in the art schools of the Twin Cities, Miss Gag enrolled at the Art Students’ League.

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It is a bit difficult to think of this vigorously intelligent artist

“painting lamp shades, fashion drawings, making batiks, and so on,”

but this was practically her lot until 1923, when she went to live in the country-first Connecticut,

then she really found herself, partly through being in the vain of America’s distinguished graphic artists,

Miss Gig writes extraordinarily well. It would be supererogatory to add a word to her delicious exposition of :

shows a basking in the warmth of an early autumn fire tendency of cats to fit themselves into

and over all sorts of places and spaces-and from an artistic point of view

I am interested in the interrelation of forms resulting from this.

“I felt the room as a space in which cylinders

(stove, wood), cubes (box, bench), flat surfaces (floors, walls),

and the more pliable forms of the cats all had their place.

Since I wanted a mood of calm and comfort,

I used a simple composition of familiar objects grouped around a nucleus of

light and arranged so that the eye could travel easily from one to the other.

“Technically I was interested in bringing out the delicacy rather than

the forcefulness of the lithographic medium, so I built up this drawing by the use of many fine lines.”

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