Siberian Reindeer Dog or Samoyed

SAMOYED 500x400 or

 From paintings by Louis Agassiz Fuertes

Due largely to the efforts of Mr. and Mrs. E. Kilburn Scott, of Kent. England, the fine and picturesque has become well established and pretty generally known both in England and America.

In appearance he is between a white spitz dog and a white Eskimo; in character he is one of the very nicest of dogs. He is of medium size, weighing about 40 pounds.

He has a little of the width of jaw that characterizes the Chow and other Asiatic types, and has the characteristic of all Arctic dogs of carrying his tail in a on his back. The fine dark eye, alertly pricked ear, and deep, soft, white coat make him everywhere a conspicuous favorite. The feet arc well protected from the cold by thick fur between the toes, almost covering the black pads.

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While the dogs bred in England and America are all of the pure white or pale creamy type, black, black and white, and brown and white dogs are found among the wandering people of Siberia and the and .

The is a compact, staunch little sledge dog, used by the , a semi-nomadic race living in northeastern Russia and Siberia.

These people keep , and some of the dogs are used in rounding up and driving these animals, much as collies are used in caring for sheep and cattle.

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