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Shelia – Wire Haired Fox Terrier


The Paviour’s Arms, , ,



Around are many inviting taverns and public-
houses where the tired business man~and perhaps even an
occasional Parliamentarian”can find solace and congenial sur-
roundings in which to refresh and fortify the inner man.
It was in such a place, The Paviour’s Arms, which is opposite
the Hospital, that I met the aristocratic Alsatian,
Sheila of Rowlandsburg and her son, Major of Paviour’s. Sheila
is six years old; her son is two and a half. Major can jump six feet
for all his 87 lbs.


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Our dog population is completed by a saucy little wire-haired
fox terrier who, perhaps because of her imposingly named and
choicely pedigreed stable companions, is known by the title of
Josephine of Winoway.

But she is Josephine to us.

There is a good deal to be said for having three capable dogs
in The Pavi0ur’s. It is a large house. Having four large bars and a
banqueting hall, it takes a good deal of “policing”. Mine Host
is a man of wisdom. He has made an intensive study of training
dogs, and his trio are given forty-five minutes “police” exercise in
the Park every morning.

He runs his fine house on a well-conceived tactical plan. The
little fox terrier, though but five months old, is pretty well trained
already, and acts as advance scout to the Alsatians. At a bark
from Josephine, the formidable family of two take up the position
for attack”they don’t think much of the theory of defence; attack
is the best defence. Sheila and her son enjoyéand that is the
operative word”the freedom of the whole building: it is justr as
well, for they can open any door in the building.

The Paviour’s Arms

One feels sorry for anyone who tries any tricks on at The Paviour’s after hours.
Some little time ago, at two in the morning, Josephine barked
a warning to her seniors, who dashed to the rescue.
Their knowledgeable master arrived on the scene to find a man on the
ground, with Major standing guard over him, while Sheila, taking
no chances, mounted guard on the  door. The master dialled
the appropriate number, and on the arrival of the police it needed
a quiet word from the master before our two large friends would
permit them to enter.

It’s an adventurous life, but the trio seem to thrive on it.
There was a less fortunate thrill. It was before the arrival of
Major, and Sheila was on lone guard. Two men forced an entry.
Springing at the intruders, Sheila fell down the lift hatch. The
two men shut the lift gate on her and made a hurried getaway
through a manhole. Sheila’s fall on that occasion cost her a dis-
located pelvis bone, which was attended to by the King’s veterinary

The operation seems to be an added source of pride to Sheila.
“These are honourable scars, sir,” you can almost hear her say.
If you ask where she was operated on, she will lie down and indicate
with her nose. In fairness to Sheila, it must be pointed out that
this adventure happened in her very young clays.
To her great strength she has now added experience and cunning
in battle. By precept and example, Sheila. has helped considerably
in the training of her son.

Three dogs

All three dogs are very good friends, and are good companions
to the customers at The Paviour’s. ‘

To see them drink water is a pleasing and instructive sight.
The Alsatians have a fad: they will never, under any circumstances,
drink still water. Josephine now copies them in this fad.
This is how they cope with the situation: first, the two Alsatians
go to the tap and satisfy their substantial thirst. That done, they
stand still, so that little Josephine can jump on their backs and
reach the high tap.

By an uncanny insight denied to mere man, the Alsatians can
tell the time. Moreover, they have a sound knowledge of the
Licensing laws. During what are known as the permitted hours,
all is friendship and loving kindness to all men. But should anyone
be foolish enough to enter the bars outside these hours, there is
trouble indeed two big troubles and a little one.

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