GRANT WOOD,Vintage Americana,Vintage Prints for Sale Seedtime and Harvest BY GRANT WOOD

Seedtime and Harvest BY GRANT WOOD

Seedtime and Harvest BY GRANT WOODSeedtime and Harvest BY GRANT WOOD

NEVER, PERHAPS, has the opulence of the Middle West been

more lavishly portrayed than in Grant Woods artistry

In the state of Iowa, there are over two hundred and thousand farms. It is

the greatest corn-producing state in the Union, also in production of oats.




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These are pertinent facts to remember when looking at

Seedtime and Harvest BY GRANT WOOD

It seems that the broad, rich acres stretch to infinity, and yet that the bursting produce of these fields is but a tithe of what this fabulously fertile country gives from its soil, wood is pre-eminent in suggesting the bounteousness of nature.

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