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Scottish,West Highland and Skye Terriers


 From paintings by Louis Agassiz Fuertes

No doubt in his earlier days the Skye terrier was a good sport,

but of late years he has given so much consideration to ‘’dress’*

that he has degenerated into a lap-dog. His coat, which is his

chief title to distinction, is so of ages of domestication, and

may occur anywhere on a dog, as partial albinism,

without regard to symmetry or rule.


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Terrier Colourings


It will be found, however, that through all the ages nothing

has been able to upset the fundamental pattern on all the

hound-like dogs, which we see preserved in its purity in the

black and tan bloodhound. White may supplant it anywhere,

but if there is color it will bivariubty fall according to this design.

Thus beagles, foxhounds, and many other dogs with hound

blood in them will without exception have their black marks in

the proper area for black to cotne, and their tan marks likewise,

whether they come in large patches or as ticks or flecks of color in a white ground.

The drawings show the main characteristics of the two types,

as well as their markings.

The terriers, as their name suggests, go to the earth (la terre)

for their prey”dogs primarily intended to unearth foxes, badgers,

rabbits, rats, and other comparatively small animals which seek

refuge in burrows in the ground.

“Ayr. see the hounds with frantic zeal
The roots and earth uptear;
But the earth is strong and the roots are long, They cannot enter there.
Outspeaks the Squire, ‘Give room, I pray’, And hie the terriers in;
The warriors of the fight are they, And every’ fight they’ win.’ ”

 Though dogs of this general character have been used perhaps

for a thousand years, little attention was given to

classification until comparatively’ recent times.

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