THIS IS ONE 0f ’S most characteristic etchings, showing her

abiding interest in the complexities of design raised by one or two figures.

In this case, she has found her subjects in two high-school girls exchanging confidences.

The scene is a simple but wholly attractive one: it is a pleasant moment

caught by an accurate and sympathetic eye.

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The Union Square fountain, on which the two are perched,

stands at the edge of the Square, against a background of hedges and shrubs, and faces a busy street.

Almost any time of the day-or night, for that matter-it is a favorite resting place of the Square’s milling, varied life.

“The casual way in which people in the public squares sit all over

the steps and monuments, as well as on the benches,” Miss Bishop says,

“sometimes seems to have an informal charm that one finds is usually reserved for rural surroundings.”

The artist’s problem in this etching is, though subtly solved, relatively simple:

“beveling” the form from the center. The modeling is turned back from the spectator,

beginning with the head and shoulders of the nearer figure.

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