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Sailors Dancing BY WALDO PEIRCE

Sailors Dancing BY WALDO PEIRCE BY

PEIRCE’S KEY WEST lithographs are done with bold, slashing strokes,

used with economy and telling vigor. The furious tempo of

is a triumph of linear rhythms, and indicates long,

thoughtful assimilations of Rubens and Delacroix.

Speaking of this lithograph and Negro Band, the artist says,

“I was merely registering the life and movement that was going on about me for the moment …

the blare of the Negro orchestra and the robustious rumbas of the Coast Guard with the ladies of Key West.

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I hope I am not belittling Sloppy Joe’s by confessing it was a most decorous joint,

as fitting and proper for women and children as for sailors and beachcombers.

As I remember the opening of the Silver Slipper, the dance hall adjacent to the bar,

there was a sign above the entrance: NO VULGAR DANCING.

I almost looked for a pendent sign on SAILORS NEVER SHOULD BE SHY.

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