JOHN SLOAN,Vintage Americana,Vintage Prints for Sale Roofs, Summer Night BY JOHN SLOAN

Roofs, Summer Night BY JOHN SLOAN

Roofs, Summer Night BY JOHN SLOAN, BY

THIS IS SLOAN in his bitterest mood, and though it i~ far from being a mere
illustration, , , reminds us that Sloan is a great illustrator.
Early in the century, he did some wonderful cartoons for Collins
and Harper’s Weekly,but perhaps the best were in Masses.

comes from a calmer place, and it seems all the more powerful because it presents the facts calmly, without the slightest exaggeration-perhap with some under­
statement. One of the most admirable things about Sloan’s art is that despite
his preoccupation with facts, he never overdocuments them.

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belongs to Sloan’s early Twenty-third Street period. The sweltering
men and women are, perhaps, the rank and file of the Tenderloin, one of
New York’s most vicious districts about thirty years ago.

They do not seem  vicious, however-merely exhausted, bedraggled, pitiable, and terribly,
terribly warm. The glow from the street lights that penetrates beyond the
roof ledge has a tropical suggestiveness.

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