Vintage Cats,Vintage Prints for Sale Provide The Correct Toys And Affection

Provide The Correct Toys And Affection



From paintings by Lesley Anne Ivory


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Cats love to give and receive attention, but usually on their own
terms. This is often hard to understand, especially is the owner is the
type that loves to cuddle up with his or her pets. However, there are
ways to extended love to a cat without being rebuffed.

The following are some tips of how to be affectionate toward a pet cat
and the correct toys needed to make the equation complete:
• Although cats are not enormously fond to cuddling up, there are
instances when they will allow themselves to be picked up for a quick
and gentle cuddle. However, once the cat becomes fidgety, it’s time to
ease up.
and the most suitable toys need not be the
expensively designed ones. Simple toys made of scraps of paper rolled
into a ball or simply scrunched up make perfect toys for the cat.
However, the size should be too big to swallow. Dangling a string or
dangling something on a string will be a very attractive prospect for
the cat’s immediate attention. Running it along the floor will really
excited the cat and usually ensue a healthy and happy workout for the
• Cats also enjoy being stroked, petted or scratched, however they
are rather picky on the areas they allow anyone to come in contact
with. Initially, the owner would have to put up with a few scratches
before finding the ideal areas the cat would like the attention focused
on. The popular spots include under the chin and around the cheeks
and also behind the ears and sometimes across the back just before it
meets the tail

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