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Prize Stallions by JOHN STEUART CURRY



THE TAUT VIGOR of horses in action has, since the earliest beginnings of art,
been a favoritc subject, concentrating the attention of everyone from the first
scratchers on cave walls to Rosa Bonheur, from El Greco to Giorgio di Chirico.

The huge, beautifully balanced anatomy of a prize stallion being led from its
stall has given a fine point of departure in this handsome
lithograph. An interesting insight into the difference of two artists’ conception
of relatively similar subjects can be gained by comparing the huge animal in
this lithograph with that in Jon Corbino’s Escaped Bull .

Mr. Curry searched out the individual, nervous character of a particular
prize stallion, while Mr. Corbino has been more interested in the dynamic
physical voltage of a frightened horse.




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is a picture that radiates out from its center, where the light
on the man’s back and the stallion’s chest seems to flow downward to the ground
on which his hooves are momentarily planted, and upward-past the high­
point of light on his head-to the lees chirply drawn building and looped
bunting. The result is an instant concentration on the centerof physical energy,
a depth and plasticity of perspective that make the stallion seem almost to be
moving forward off the print.

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