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Pity the Blind by PEGGY BACON

Pity the Blind BY PEGGY BACON BY

is a tireless eye. She never takes a vacation from art.

She sketches eternally, whether on a transatlantic liner or the subway, doing the galleries or shopping.

This passion is easily understandable. Both of her parents were artists, and she subjected her eclectic,

individual talent to the enthusiasms of such fine teachers as

Jonas Lie, John Sloan, Kenneth Hayes Miller, George Bellows, and Max Weber.

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’s “merciless and mirthful” line has full play in ,

in which all the dramatis personae, except the blind boy, come off very badly indeed.

The mother, who is leading him, is tragic, but there is something of the entrepreneur about her.

And the spectators are definitely not nice. They are dulled, stony, supercilious, gawky.

The feet are the more features: literally, no artist alive understands the

expressiveness of shoes better than .

And there is no better laboratory for studying shoes and their idiosyncrasies than a New York subway train.

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