Penny – Yorkshire Terrier

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THERE are many people who, on seeing a particular kind of dog,
make some remark or other that they cannot understand anybody
owning such-and-such a breed.

But surely that sort of judgment
is beside the point? All breeds”even the lesser race without the
law”~have their own special charm, qualities and characteristics.
And, as often as not, it needs ownership to appreciate a particular
All that certainly is true of the Yorkshire Terrier. These grand
little chaps are stout-hearted and full of stubborn pluck.

It may be
that there is some resemblance between the breed and the eleven
 gentlemen who walk off with the County Cricket champion-
ship with a regularity that has become quite painful to many a
Middlesex or Surrey man.


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– The Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire terriers were originally known as the Broken
Haired and Scotch and Yorkshire terrier, when the Waterside
Terrier (now the Airedale) was crossed with the Skye terrier. To put
the matter in simple language,

we have here a breed that (with
its element of the “tartan”) can be said to be typically English. But
here we are on debatable ground, so we must press on with our
We may summarize the breed by observing that if one wants
to own the smallest, most easily trained sporting terrier to go

ratting or rabbiting with, the Yorkshire Terrier’s your best bet.
(we need not be too high-hat and call her by the more
solemn Penelope) is a very good specimen of this breed.

She is
five-and-a-half years of age, which some say is forty years by
human standards. And she is not married yet, unless she eloped
when Mine Host wasn’t looking.

was first presented to after the loss of
a wire-haired terrier; at first she was widely regarded as a pretty
poor replacement. But enlightenment came, and she is now a
highly favoured guest in this nice home for a small dog.

The breed, as we have already seen, is noted for its intelligence,
and Penny is no exception. She does everything except talk, and
has come (with a familiarity that has never bred contempt) to accept

her lot in life .

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