IRWIN D HOFFMAN,Vintage Americana,Vintage Prints for Sale Pastoral, Puerto Rico by IRWIN D. HOFFMAN

Pastoral, Puerto Rico by IRWIN D. HOFFMAN

Pastoral, Puerto Rico BY IRWIN D. HOFFMAN, BY

BORN IN BOSTON in 1901, has, in choosing subjects for his somber paintings and full-bodied etchings,

turned his back on the city and New England life close at hand.

Instead, he has become a recognized interpreter of mining and

boiler-room scenes, and, more latterly, of the peasant and worker of nearer

Latin America, particularly Mexico and .


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His more recent work shows the invigorating influence (by no means undigested)

of Diego Rivera and Jose Clemente Orozco.

It is a tribute to the vigor of his native talent to say that he has

learned from these men without losing any of his individuality.

, , is a fine example of the artist’s ability to

fill the spaces of his picture without crowding them.

The diagonal line of the hillside on which the

four white-clothed men are at work, the almost parallel lines of

the handles of their hoes, are counterpoised by the antithetical

slant of the more distant ridges of hills, by the placing of the largest and

most important figure against the open space. Intentionally or by accident,

Hoffman has presented us with men doing work for a mere

pittance. He has not found it necessary to the presentation

of an implied social criticism.

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