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Paddy and Spot – Cocker spaniel and Dalmation

The Moore Arms, ,

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If rumour can be relied on, it was within the precincts of The
Moore Arms that the royal pint was occasionally imbibed by King
Edward the Peacemaker. Certainly, it was by such small but highly
characteristic habits that he endeared himself half a century ago
and more.
The Moore Arms was erected two hundred years ago. Although
not so very old as pubs go, it was undeniably a brain wave to
build a fine house like this in what we shall, without disrespect,
allow ourselves to call the “backwoods” of Sloane Street and
The bonhomie of The Moore Arm is a quality to remember and
appreciate. Today, in its comfortable bars and rooms, you will,
on occasion, find an assembly of stage and film stars that would
normally cost thousands to bring under one roof.


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There must be some notable attraction, and I think I know what the attraction
is”a pleasant drink, plus Paddy and Spot.
Paddy’ is a black cocker spaniel. Spot, his stable companion
is a Dalmatian.
Paddy is a home-loving dog. Spot loves his home, too, but
sometimes, in the way of most Dalmatians, the call of the open
road is too strong for him.

Paddy – The Deaf Dog

Paddy, sad to relate, suffers from an affliction, he is deaf. Still,
he has eyes to see with, and there are features to be seen in The
Moore Arm which are undeniably rewarding. But he responds with
alacrity to his special sign language, which is stamping produced
by Paddy’s mistress and master. Paddy knows the code. Never-
theless, please don’t feel sorry for Paddy; he doesn’t feel in the
least sorry for himself, and that’s all that really matters. Moreover,
he’s by way of being the life and soul of any party”and don’t
forget he has some competition in that feat. For example, he is
justly famed for his cork trick, which is well worth seeing, and
which always received tremendous applause.

And then, with a shake of the head, we come to Spot.
Spot is different in every way. To be candid, he is a gadabout.
No matter what the weather may be, our lively Dalmatian is out

in the morning like a shot from a gun. This is not just an excess of
lively spirits. It’s all part of his tactics. He is making the rounds
of all the cafés and restaurants with which the neighbourhood

Spot – The scrounger

Not to put too fine a point on it, Spot is a scrounger, an unblush-
ing practitioner in the art of cupboard love. But he seems to have
a way with him, for he receives no end of tasty bits as well as that
friendly word which is the way to the canine heart. His tactics are
simple and painfully direct, yet no one can deny that they pay
handsome dividends.

The proof of the scrounging is in the eating
thereof. You would think that all this over-eating would put a
severe strain on the system, and give the suggestionof that middle-
aged spread which is the horror of the well-conducted dog. Spot,
with truly Dalmatian cunning, has found the answer. In between
his frequent bouts of elevenses, Spot is of to Hyde Park to indulge
in vigorous swims in the Serpentine. It appears to have the desired
slimming effect.

Unlike Paddy, Spot knows no tricks”perhaps it might be more
accurate to say he knows no parlour tricks, as food shortages do
not mean a thing to this lovable rascal.

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