drifted into art more or less accidentally, but she is very glad
that she did so. She was born in Cincinnati in 1902, but her family moved to
Detroit several years later, and she wenl to school there.

Here people noticed that she had a marked aptitude for drawing-“my only aptitude,” she says
modestly and suggested she become an illustrator. So, gave her a few Saturday
classes while she was going to high school, went to New York,
and entered the New York School of Applied Art for Women.

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She was sixteen years old, and perhaps a bit flurried by the limelight. At any rate, instead of
entering the commercial-art classes, .she enrolled in the life class. Since then,
the thing has art got into her blood, and she has had no time for, or interest in,
commercial art.

She has taught composition and life at the Art Students’
League, and has made four gallery tours of Europe. She says that the thing
that make her happiest is that she saw the Prado pictures before they got
carted off to god knows where.

is a picture without a story. It is frankly a study of two girls
who work near ’s studio.

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