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New Orleans Street by AARON BOHROD


has generally concentrated on scraps of the Middle West in
which-cat Chicago, in 1907-he was born. But like many of his contemporary
confreres, he has traveled widely, having studied in New York as well as
Chicago, and having twice had a Guggenheim fellowship.

Returning from New Orleans with pictures that look, at first sight, like some scene from
Jamaica or Trinidad, he has shown such proofs , that the
United States is not all metropolitan skyscrapers, vast plains, and mountains.
“New Orleans, to me,” he says, “has a distinct ‘different world’ flavor.” It is
exactly that flavor that he has, perfectly caught in this lithograph.

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The elements of the most attractive, and modernized sections of our most
flavorsome city are all present in

Here is the old mansion on which decay now lays its toll. Here the clapboard shack which is not quite
content to be drab entirely, but must let down small, flaring 1tepii lo the side­
walk. Here the Southern Negro, not yet entirely robbed of his taste for ex­
uberant color. Here, most characteristic and-to a Northerner-most exotic
of all, the palm outside a conservatory.

These details Mr. Bohrod has presented faithfully, by means of a

shrewd selection of telling minutiae, but without comment.

The result is a very true and satisfactory picture.

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