ANDREW BUTLER,Vintage Americana,Vintage Prints for Sale New England Scene BY ANDREW BUTLER

New England Scene BY ANDREW BUTLER


THE ELEGANCE and precision of Butler’s line are 1trangc instruments with
which to subdue the sobriety and blealmeu of New England.

Yet, they prove to be oddly effective, even if the result is somewhat more gentle than the reality.
Butler has an almost Japanese reverence for formal linear values that is
inclined to sacrifice everything to the working out of the artistic problem at






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So, in this we must not take as realistic the neat rail­
road train, the precise tracks, the toy horse-and-buggy, the ideal far view:
they are the elements of a composition fraught with rhythmic and dimensional

This is, perhaps, not a profound art, but one that is perfect as
far as it goes. Decoratively, at least, it is satisfying.

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