paints and etches the countryside he loves. A native of
Yonkers, and now a resident of Manhattan, he has farmed in the Southwest
and in Virginia. The land got into his blood, and for some time he rashly
thought that he might be able to combine farming and painting, but “found
that either one would be entirely coneumjug.” Anyone who has seen his
eloquent rural scenes will agrn that the artist has lovingly sublimated his
yearning actually to till the soil

Mr. Butler was born in 1896. He was educated at the National Academy
of Deeign and the Art Students’ League, where his teachers were Frank Du
Mood, Eugene Speicher, and Luis Mora. He later returned to the League to
erudy etching with joseph Pennell.


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The village of lies about fifteen miles eoutheast of Rutland,
and this etching i1 a typical scene of high, bleak Vermont-of that part of the
state lying against the backbone of the Green Mountains. It is quite open,
and is very northern in its quality.

The artist, in his own words, set himself the problem of “a three-dimen­
sional design, with a moving rhythm around the static clement supplied by
the near-by bank and the hill to the right. It was my intention to make the
track, the stream, and the road move through these masses into the flatland
and the forest in the background.”

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