Mother by JOHN SLOAN


was born at Lock Haven, Pennsylvania, sixty-eight years ago.

Since then he has led as active a life as any Renaissance artist, and today, interested,

and had a finger in many an artists’ pie, has fought many a battle for human rights. In 1908, as one of

The Eight-Arthur B. Davies, Glackens, Ernest Lawson, Luks,
Henri, Shinn, and Prendergast were the others-he helped organize several revolutionary exhibitions

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Five years later, he was one of the leading spirits behind the famous Armory Show,
which eventually led to the founding of the Society of Independent Artists.

Sloan was its first president, and has been active in its councils ever since. Fifteen years ago,
when he first began to go to Santa Fe for the summers, he became
interested in the American Indian, and has worked tirelessly keeping art before the American public.

Besides all this, Sloan is a teacher of art-and a great teacher. He taught for
fourteen years at the Art Students’ League, and in 1930 became its president

reminds us that , amid his multifarious activities, is essentially a family man.

His boyhood was singularly happy, his married life no less so. is one of those rare compositions that speak so eloquently for themselves that any except formal comment would be superfluous.

The composition is simply effective, the draftsmanship vigorous, the entire work animated by sympathy and shrewd

Sloan’s is one of the most dignified conceptions of the subject in entire realm of etching.






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