Vintage Americana,Vintage Prints for Sale Merry-Go-Round by REGINALD MARSH

Merry-Go-Round by REGINALD MARSH


RECENTLY, when asked about the size of an edition of one of his etchings,

Marsh “Probably a dozen.” Then he was asked how many of that

edition were available, and he answered, “Probably a dozen.” He went

on to elucidate: “Since I do practically all my own printing, I do not limit the edition.

The buyer limits the edition-he rarely buys, I rarely print. I usually print fifteen or twenty and sell one or two in the next five years-so why limit the edition?”


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There is not a little cynical legpulling in this account of the extreme unrarity of Marsh’s etching, for many of them are in much demand.

Meny-Co-Round is one of Marsh’s many Coney Island subjects, and is very popular.

It is feverish in tempo, in marked contrast to Howard Cook’s handling of a similar scene .

It is not impeccably composed, but it is vivid and candid.

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