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Merry-Go-Round by HOWARD COOK

merry go round howard cook BY

THIS DELIGHTFUL ETCHING comes from the pen of a man whose subject
matter, if often, or even usually, exotic, if rarely as light and charming as this.

Howard Norton Cook is a widely traveled and highly sophisticated artist
whose vagabonding aud varied interests have much influenced his choice of
subjects. He came to the graphic arts afler some years devoted to tobacco
farming and advertising, and this fact, too, is not without significance in
uncovering the sources of his interests.

A native of Massachusetts-he was born at Springfield in 1901-Cook received his training at the Art Students’
League. In 1934, he was granted a Guggenheim for creative work in print


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His world, has appeared in Fifty Prints this Year for five consecutive
years, and he is widely represented both here and abroad.

is a delicate capturing of a typical Parisian scene. Every­
thing i1 touched with a poetic imagination, and a droll eye for detail is allowed
its way with just the right measure of restraint.

The treatment is adroit with­ out being slick, thawing a strong feeling for

design nicely balanced against the realities of the situation.

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