Vintage Americana,Vintage Prints for Sale Lincoln by BOARDMAN ROBINSON



is pre-eminent among American artists not only because his work is distinguished artistically,

but it throbs with a sincerity and searching truthfulness that are rare among many modern artists.

Robinson’s career has been long and varied.

Born in Nova Scotia sixty-three years ago,he was educated in Canada and England.

Studying Art in Paris

While studying art in Paris, he came under the influence ofForain,

whose savage brush was powerfully suggestive to this young artist

who was trying to find the right instrument for his radical ideas.

His life and his art have been given to the championing of liberal causes,

as illustrator, painter, and, in recent years, as a mural painter.

The boldness of his mural technique both in

Kaufman’s Department Store in Pittsburgh and in Radio City, New York,

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– One of America’s greatest leaders

emphasizes Robinson’s adroitness, for he did not do his first murals until he was over fifty years old.

The sobriety, depth, and vigor of Robinson at his best is

epitomized in this superb head of .

It is the conception ofa thoughtful, sincere thinker and

artist pondering the essential personality of one of America’s greatest leaders.

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