Vintage Americana,Vintage Prints for Sale Jockey Clothes by LEE TOWNSEND

Jockey Clothes by LEE TOWNSEND


THE LITHOGRAPHER OF Clothes is probably the only artist in this

counny who is also a horse trainer. He has worked with horses

all his life, which is reasonable enough, considering that he was born right

next to a county The place was Wyoming, Illinois, the date

1895. He bought his race horse at the age of seventeen, and raced her

at near-by fairs. He rode as a jockey for a few until he smashed his

left foot in a spill. Every summer he races either own, or takes horses on

shares, through the county-fair or half-mile circuit in Pennsylvania, Ohio,

and New York.


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There he gets his material for and paintings. His

career as an artist began almost as early as that in paddock. At first he

confined his efforts to decorating horsemen’s trunks and water buckets at the Wyoming fairgrounds.

After his accident he went to Chicago, and studied at the school of the Art Institute. He later had a year in Paris.

Townsend made the Clothes during a county fair.

The owner of the boots and pants won two races in the day’s card, and the

artist made the drawing ifter the jockey had hung them up in his stall.

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