HARRY WICKEY,Vintage Americana,Vintage Prints for Sale Hudson Highlands Under Snow by HARRY WICKEY

Hudson Highlands Under Snow by HARRY WICKEY



IN 1929, THE ARTIST moved from New York City to Cornwall Landing, about
fifty miles up the Hudson.

Here his latent interest in landscape began to assert
itself. He perched his studio on the riverbank, arid was afforded splendid
opportunities for 1tudying the character of the river and mountains in all
varieties of weather. For four years, from 1930 to 1934,

Wickey did little else than concentrate on these ever fascinating views, studying rocky formation
and mountain contour. A whole series of plates was devoted to this subject

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Some views were studied over and over again, often under approximately
the same weather conditions.
The cold, bleak beauty of the river and mounlauu under a heavy fall of now
has proved a very grateful subject for his etching needle: the thrilling quality
of the country bae been communicated to the plate.

“I wish to convey to those looking at my work a full sense of the actual,”

Mr. Wickey has written.

“By actual I mean that each object within my space
be so related that the individual color, texture, weight, volume, and movement
become a definite entity in relation to its neighboring entities. These qualities
must be unified by the spirit of life.”

A better illustration of this credo, or a better introduction to the artnt’e later graphic work,

could not be found than .

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