GRANT WOOD,Vintage Americana,Vintage Prints for Sale Honorary Degree by GRANT WOOD

Honorary Degree by GRANT WOOD


AN ALTERNATE TITLE for this trenchant satire might have been Apotheosis if Nonentity.

For here, in what might at first glance

look like a surgical operation in a cathedral,

has caricatured a disagreeable American vice:

glorification of the second-rate by mumbo jumbo.

The squat, paunchy, mindless, and self-satisfied center of

academic atlention in this mysterious ceremony has

just presented the old alma mater with a new,

if slightly reduced,replica of the Yale Bowl.


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In return for this of enlightenment and culture,

he is their well-shod feet,which give

their extremely unbecoming mortarboards, ingress rite

are unconscious that they border on the obscene.


The healthy, laughing hatred of sham that motivates a

lithograph of this sort is apt to make the observer underrate the

artistry with which it is projected.

Notice the stance of the magnifico who is handing Mr. Dope his diploma.


Is it not the very essence of petty importance?

And is not the entire vacuity of Dope himself

expressed in his flat-footed, well-fed posture?

It leaves no doubt that he is one of the characters in Who’s Who, and

will be mourned by many when he

dies-particularly after the reading of his will.

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