HARRY WICKEY,Vintage Americana,Vintage Prints for Sale Hogs Near a Corncrib by HARRY WICKEY

Hogs Near a Corncrib by HARRY WICKEY

Hogs Near a Corncrib BY HARRY WICKEY BY

IN 1935, WICKEY began to have difficulties with his sight, and thus had
practically to abandon etching, for which extremely close work is required.
He turned to freer and leu eye-taxing media. That yet he made a trip to the
home farm in Ohio, and went again the following summer. Both trips were
extraordinarily rich in results: some of the material went into drawings and
water colors, and some found a fuller expression in lithography and sculpture.

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Hogs near  a Corn crib lithograph done in 1936,is one of a large number of
studies Wickey made of farm animal. that year. Needless to ,ay, although the
actual locale of the scene is north western Ohio, this is true to farm life ,my~
where, at any time. The artist has caught the very essence of swine
of these porkers  and  is Very Hog of Very Hog

“What I learned about hogs is to be found in this picture,” Mr. Wicl:ey
says. “I tried to realize the form, color, weight, and texture of the objects in
my space, and present without exaggeration the mood of this particular

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