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Grapes in a Bowl by Yasuo Kuniyoshi




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was born in Okayama, Japan, in I893, and came to
America at the age of eighteen. He studied in various American art schools,
but his most vital absorption of Western influence came during trips to Europe

in 1925 and 1928, when he looked at all the Daumiers and Delacroixs he
could, finding in them the plasticity of form and subjectivity that he needed
to give body to his inherited decorative flair.

He has not abandoned the exquisite design and refinement of the East,

however, and he has managed to combine them with what he has learned from the West without seeming merely
an interesting hybrid. He has himself succinctly expressed his aims: “I have
wished to express the thoughts of the East, my race, using the tradition of
expressing the inner thoughts through the full realization of the matter of my
experience. . . .”

So perfectly assured is he of which direction his own art is
going that he has become a teacher in the art school at Woodstock, New York,
where his summer home is located.

is an unpretentious but charming arrangement, rather
conventional but utterly satisfactory as a decorative composition.

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