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Grandma’s Parlor by WANDA GAG


OF THE LITHOGRAPH Grandma’s Parlor, has written:

“When, after many years, I returned to Minnesota and again saw the front room

Down At Grandma’s, it seemed to me the epitome of Parlor-a staid,

rather cold place, the clean, dustless repository of objects too ‘artistic’ to be sullied by use.

That, at least, is how it impressed me objectively. Subjectively a host of

childhood associations crowded themselves into the scene,

softened its lines, and gave it a life of its own.



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“Out in the kitchen sat my solid peasant forbears-here in the parlor was this

baroque display, their naive acceptance of mid-Victorian ‘beauty.’

It was amusing but touching too, and so when I began to draw, a

wave of tender tolerant mirth flowed through me and over my paper.

That, I suppose, is why the picture came out as it did: the

Grand Rapids dresser atilt with gaiety, the lamp like a

ridiculous wings for flight, and the two little pitchers

“Technically to get all the richness possible out of the lithographic

medium. An old-fashioned parlor, arranged mainly for show

rather than use, has something theatrical about it; and to portray this,

I used a strong blackand-white design-an almost spotlight

effect-to bring out the rococo pattern against the rich black shadows.”

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