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Fishermen Three by JOHN E. COSTIGAN


is an unusual phenomenon among American artists: he
is self-taught. Born in Providence fifty-one year~ ago, he wcnl to New York
at the age of eighteen, and for ten years did posters for theaters. In the early
1900’s  there was still a lot of leisure around (even in New York), and Mr.
Costigan tried experimenting in oils.

His development was interrupted by the
World War, during which he sacv service overseas. After returning to America,
he went to live in the country. His home is a farm near Orangeburg, New
York, and here he raises livestock and lives a typical farmer’s life-when he
is not painting or etching, of course. He is deeply attached to the soil, and con­
ceives of the city only as a market place for the products of the country.



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Mr. Costigan has come far from that day in 1904 when he got his fintjob
doing posters. Now an esteemed artist, his works are in no less than sixty-two
museums both here and abroad.

is an adaptation of a water­
color sketch of Mr. Costigan’s three children fishing in a stream that wanders
through the farm at Orangeburg. With a fine aense of etching quality, he ha1,
in tramferring the original lo the plate, simplified the background. The result
is an attractive picture of peace, of youthful awkwardness and spontaneous
childish concentration on the pastime at hand.

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