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Esthetic Pleasure by PEGGY BACON



ANY EUROPEAN gallery any free day. As we see, the crowd has halted before
a world-famous Titian, and the lecturer is doing his stuff He is not the kind to
inspire confidence, but that does not matter. He has managed to overawe
some ofhia audience, one of whom frankly gape,. Some, however, are neither
credulous nor impressed.

A woman checks the lecturer’s facts with her
Baedeker, and a very superior, emaciated man looks sneeringly aloof, It
seems, too, as if the married couple (who are very bored with each other) are
even more bored with the lecturer. What is that line? Art is long, and time
is fleeting. Art is very, very long.

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is one of those rare documents that make one feel, if only
for a fleeting moment, that is, P. Morgan was right when he surrounded his
gallery with a wall of red tape and official permissions. These yahoos have not
earned the right to look at Titian or even at the second-rate Leonardo next
door to it. But exactly the right doom has been found for them.

They must keep on listening to the mustached lecturer, who looks like a race-horse tout,
for the rest of their lives as figures in one of ’s most savage etchings.

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