JOHN MARIN,Vintage Americana,Vintage Prints for Sale Downtown New York by JOHN MARIN

Downtown New York by JOHN MARIN



It is a little Difficult  to think of as an oldster, and yet he

is almost seventy years of age. It cannot be said that his long career is

the history of American art, for from the he has isolated himself from

national tendencies to become an experimenter. Downtown New Tork is

typical of his aloof style-a thoroughly mature production of one of

America’s most accomplished technicians.


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Realistic truth and perspective have been sacrificed to emphasis and the play of the artist’s eclecticism.

While Marin has gone far on the road to distortion, grace remains,

and this personal impression of a New York scene is easy to look at and,

as personal idiosyncrasy, difficult to quarrel with.

Marin, born in Rutherford, New Jersey, in 1870, comes of English-Dutch and French ancestry.

After studying in Philadelphia and New York, for some he

devoted himself to his art without notable acclaim. Fame came to after I 909,

when Alfred Stieglitz invited him to join that coterie of expressionists known as the “291” group.

By many critics this shy, limelightavoiding man is considered the greatest water-colorist alive.

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