CHARLES SHEELER,Vintage Americana,Vintage Prints for Sale Delmonico Building by CHARLES SHEELER

Delmonico Building by CHARLES SHEELER



was born in Philadelphia in July, 1883, ofWelsh and Irish
ancestry, though his parents were born in America. He studied applied design
at the Pennsylvania Museum and the School oflndustrial Art in Philadelphia.

William M. Chase was his painting instructor at the Pennsylvania Academy
of Fine Arts, and with Chase he made two gallery-touring trips to Europe. In
1913 he exhibited at the epochal Armory Show, and since then has exhibited
every year.

Sheeler is primarily an intellectual and experimentalist. He does not rule
out emotion in his work, but rather, it rarely has a cogent place in his special
approach to subject matter.

not only reveals his interest in
the relationship of planes to one another but also his profound absorption in
photographic eflects-c-he is one of the best of living photographers. The formal
loveliness of this lithograph, its taste and restraint, are characteristic of his
modern-building studies.


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