ADOLF DEHN,Vintage Americana,Vintage Prints for Sale Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony by ADOLF DEHN

Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony by ADOLF DEHN



HERE DEHN INVADES the holy of holies-Carnegie Hall on the day the

Ninth Symphony of Ludwig van Beethoven (who loathed society) is being performed.

Naturally, society is out in battle gear for this event.

It is plain that the symphony has already been on for some time.

The men in the rear of the box (who probably loathe Beethoven as much as he would

loathe them) are deep in the latest Or they are discussing the

market-anything but Beethoven.


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The women are more formidable than the men, except for the deb on the right. The battle-ax on the left has

not lost an argument in fifty years. large creature who practically

obliterates the deb gets that way because is trying to do her artistic and

social duties simultaneously, that is, watch Toscanini and her friends in the other boxes with only one pair of eyes to turn the trick.

Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony is one of Dehn’s most savage satires. It has practically none of that

amiability that takes the sting out of many of his social scenes.

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