Bearsville by EMIL GANSO



was born in Halbersradt, Germany, in 1895, but has lived in
the United States for many years. He is of mixed German, French, and Span­
ish ancestry. He had a hard struggle to make ends meet when he first came to
America, and except for a few weeks at the night school of the National Acad­
emy of Design, he is largely self-taught.

Largely on the advice of E. Weybe,
the well-known dealer, Ganso (who was then working in a bakery) decided to
devote himself exclusively to art. He works in many media, lithography being
among his favorites. In 1933 he received a Guggenheim fellowship for creative
work, and accordingly spent the next year studying and painting in Europe.


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Ganso’s landscapes are not as often seen as his flowers and nudes, but they
have a fine, fresh quality. is a tiny village near Woodstock, New
York. Its spired church completely dominates it, and provides the natural
focus for any painting or view of the locality.

While Canso’s work is usually
distinguished for its cunning balance of lights and darks, seems
saturated with sunshine or glistening with rain.

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